Why is finding the right Energy Consultant the Best thing for your Business?

By February 15, 2016Energy Consultant
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  1. The process an energy consultant will go through to get you the best deal right for your business.

An energy consultant will run through a very strict process to enable you to obtain the best deal for your business. This will involve obtaining a copy of a recent bill for each meter and requesting a signed Letter of Authority (LOA) from the customer. The bills are used to ensure the correct information is being used and also to ensure that the charges on your bills are correct. The LOA is a declaration by you to allow the Energy Consultant to speak to your supplier(s) – this is for Data Protection and a reputable energy consultant will always ask for your authority.

Once all of the information is received from the supplier such as usage and end of contract date, you will receive a price offer from all available and applicable suppliers. From here you can choose what is best for your business and the relevant contracts will be given to you for signature.

Best energy deals for you.

  1. How to know your energy consultants are reputable.
  2. a) A range of suppliers to choose from.
    b) Lots of testimonials from a variety of industries.
    c) An up to date website.
  3. The warning signs your broker is not reputable.
  4. a) Misleadingly claiming they are your current broker.
    b) Offering ‘instant’ prices without checking your consumption history and without taking the time to negotiate a better deal.
    c) Not asking for a Letter of Authority.
    d) Refusal to send any information or quotations in writing.
  5. Benefits of using an energy consultant.
  6. a) Because they use a range of suppliers, there advice should be 100% impartial.
    b) Their relationship already strong with the suppliers, means they get the best deals.
    c) They can take the time and stress of searching for prices away from you.
    d) An energy consultants experience means they can explain things simply for you to understand.
    e) An energy consultant will take the time to understand your business needs and put them first.

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