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Challenge us to cut the cost of your calls.

Now we can save you significant money on telecoms too.  Technology marches on, the level of expertise at our disposal allows Utilinet Yorkshire to be confident that we can help your business benefit from the almost daily advances in technology by providing understandable solutions at competitive prices.

Expected savings on current communication costs are approximately 25% and possibly more.

Utilinet Yorkshire is an independent provider and will do the research necessary to best match the individual needs of your business to this complex and fast changing market.


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The process is straightforward, provided at no cost to the customer and comes with no obligation to take any of our recommendations.

  • Email your latest telecoms invoice HERE for a no obligation assessment.

  • We will send a detailed breakdown of what savings can be achieved and you decide the best option.

  • The whole process should take no longer than 15 days once you decide to proceed.

As with any commercial contract you need to be careful and understand what you are signing-up to. In the case of energy supply contracts this usually means a 12 month deal or more with a pre-arranged renewal date several months before the contract ends.

Case study 

Utilinet recently reviewed the telephone and broadband contract for a local dentist. The contract had never been reviewed throughout the working life of the dental practice. The practice manager provided us with complete bills for analysis.  After completing a full assessment and ensuring we provided a ‘like for like‘ quotation, we were able to reduce the annual bill by 33% per annum.