Sheffield based Utilinet Yorkshire new Members of Connect Gazelles

By March 8, 2016Energy Consultant

Member of Connect Gazelles

Utilinet Yorkshire, Independent Energy Management Brokers, based in Sheffield are now members of Connect Gazelles which is a unique not-for-profit membership group for ambitious entrepreneurs that enables them to learn from many of Yorkshire’s most successful business people.

Having already attended a number of Connect Gazelles events we have met like-minded individuals and listened to testimony from successful entrepreneurs who told how they grew their business from scratch to multi-million pound successes.

Tony Pratt, Parter at Utilinet Yorkshire said, “We believe that individuals who create and grow businesses are very important people. Here at Utilinet Yorkshire have already been inspired by the ambitious entrepreneurs in Yorkshire to expand our successful business by learning from business people who have been there and done it.  Looking forward to future events.