Our Customers Would Like Us To Help Reduce Their Water Costs

By March 31, 2018Water Deregulation

In April 2017, the commercial water market opened for the first time in England. This meant that businesses were now able to switch their water provider. However, the domestic market is still regulated, so residential customers don’t have the same option to switch suppliers when frustrations start to rise.

Echo Managed Services conducted a survey of domestic water customers and found 40% of domestic customers would review their water provider instantly if the market opened. The survey also discovered that customer service is a major factor in customers’ frustrations with 17% saying that they would switch suppliers based solely on bad service they’ve received from their current water supplier.

In the commercial market, many businesses still haven’t reviewed their water supplier. Utilinet have been helping businesses with their gas and electricity contracts and 80% of our customers said they would recommend us to a friend or colleague. Now we’ve entered the recently deregulated water market, 50% of our current customers would like us to help reduce their water costs.

There are many benefits to switching your business water supplier:

  • More Competitive Prices: suppliers will now offer a better range of prices as customers have the option to shop around.
  • Better Customer Service: in order to retain customers, water providers will need increased levels of customer service.
  • Multi-Utility Services: going through a utility broker will enable you to have everything sorted out together, saving time, money and reducing stress.

If you would like a completely free, no obligation water audit please contact us and see how much you could save on your water costs:

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