To give best advice to business regarding their gas and electricity contracts in an ever evolving market place and deliver user benefits.


To be trusted in Yorkshire and beyond.


  • Open, honest, fair and we also care for all of our clients.
  • Be certain of a a realised good personal service.
  • We work for you and not the supplier.

Utilinet will be there throughout the duration of your contract, a one-stop ‘shop’, any questions at all, give us a call – no call centre, we promise.

Dawn Pratt, Independent Energy Broker

Business Energy Consultants electricity

Electricity Savings

Utilinet is in partnership with one of the UK’s largest corporate energy procurement consultants.  This means we can work with even the largest companies across the UK with unparalleled access to savings in the electricity energy market.


Gas Savings

Utilinet can scrutinize your existing gas contract to find better deals whilst making sure that your energy is billed with the right tariffs.  Utilinet helps businesses save £ lots.  This service is free of charge to clients.


Business Utility Consultants Telephone


Now we can save you significant money on telecoms too, expected savings on current communication costs are approximately 25% and possibly more.


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