What can Utilinet Commercial Energy Brokers do for you?

We will:

  • Handle registration enquiries
  • Negotiate directly with energy companies
  • Select the ideal time to issue tenders
  • Help you determine the best contract
  • Issue electronic tenders in a format that meets supplier needs
  • Check contracts are correct and adhered to by suppliers
  • Confirm the suitability of terms and conditions
  • Monitor the market, respond to your needs

Contact us today to learn more, dawn@utilinet-yorkshire.co.uk

Our services are fully managed, we can provide infra-structure, new gas and electricity supplies for developers, COT management, new metering, multi-site tendering as well as contract management and we are not restricted by geography and can assist throughout the UK.

We also have a unique Energy Consortium available to clients and their associated companies (where prices can only go down).We do not have hidden charges and are highly ethical.

Our Energy Management service includes tendering and negotiating with the most respected utility providers. We limit contractual and financial risks by avoiding suppliers that we know are unreliable.

We follow the TPI Code of Practice.