Energy – Prices that can start low go LOWER!!

By April 4, 2017Energy Consultant


We are thrilled to introduce  a new ‘ERA’ of Energy procurement  with our Energy Consortium to help drive down gas and electricity prices for all our clients large and small. ENERGY CONSORTIUM– In a time of ever increasing energy prices, we have taken proactive action to ensure that our clients can enjoy energy costs at an unprecedented low for 5 years. Utilinet along with our partners, have pre-allocated £40m of Energy (Gas and Electricity), as a collective purchase. This allows our clients to purchase energy at the level of a major corporate organisation. We have included a number of protection points.

The energy contracts include :

  • Fixed maximum price.
  • Each year the basket energy is traded so the energy price can go down, but never up!
  • Long term 5 year contracts for no risk, future proof purchase.
  • No take or pay clauses ie if your energy usage changes you will not be penalised, unlike many current contracts.
  • Fixed commodity and non-commodity costs.
  • 28 day termination if you leave the premises.
  • Year on year optional contract extension.

So what does that mean to your organisation?

  • Energy prices at massive bulk buying levels.
  • Long term price and supply security.
  • No discrimination for size of company **
  • Security of budgets

** Entry to the Basket is subject to eligibility but not size. Contact one of our energy consultants to see if your company qualifies 0114 2295951.