Do you know when your business Gas & Electricity contract is up for renewal?

By March 22, 2016Uncategorized

energy contract end datesCountless businesses are still unaware of the practice of automatic contract renewal also known as being rolled over – and don’t realise the consequences that this can have on their energy bills.  If your business is approaching the end of its current energy contract, and you don’t contact your energy supplier to terminate the current contract or renegotiate a new one, your business energy contract will automatically be renewed at a less favourable rate.

The contract you’re rolled over to will not be good value for money or a competitive tariff, and you’ll be stuck with it for at least one year.
By law business energy suppliers must send you written confirmation of the contract, within 10 days of the new contract or renewal contract being agreed.

Suppliers have varying termination notice periods, ranging between 30 days and 120 days prior to the end of contract date.

There are typically two important questions that your business should know the answers to:
1. When is your contract up for renewal?
2. How many days termination notice do you have to give to your current supplier?

Utilinet Yorkshire can contact you up to a year before your termination date to make sure you don’t get rolled over and secure your business the best possible deal. You’ll have a seamless transfer at the end of the contract from the old to new supplier, or sometimes even with the same supplier but with a better deal.  To ensure you don’t get rolled over into a new, more expensive energy contract, why not let us remember for you?

Our service is 100% impartial; we favour no supplier above the rest ensuring we can find the cheapest rates and tariffs for you.

Our expert energy consultants can compare rates and tariffs from a range of suppliers to help your business take advantage of the best prices and services.

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