***DCP161 SCAM – Please read, be vigilant to calls and emails***

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The DCP161 Scam

You receive a call about DCP161. This is a new measure from Ofgem that came into effect in April 2018, so it actually exists. However, fraudsters are using it to panic businesses into giving them their meter information.

DCP161 is only relevant to Half Hourly electricity meters. It introduces excess capacity charges for these meters. If you have a Half Hourly meter, your energy supplier will write to you about it. You may need to apply for an increase in capacity.  You should discuss the options with them, or your broker, certainly not with a random caller. Ensure you do not give any information to them, including any details on your electricity invoice.


Your meters are forecasted in our system for a meter analysis check, these checks are carried out regardless if the meter has been exchanged. The electricity meter will need a check based on the pull from the substation, this is often predicted by the electrical designer or electrician when the new meter is installed. If you have not had the meter installed this is a report the electrician needs before the meter goes in, to prevent over allocations being set to the meter.  

This is not something you will be charged for, we simply review your latest electricity bill, analyse your current level of capacity against your setting, bring to your attention any discrepancies and put these into a report for you. 

To make you aware, there is a new regulation which has been introduced by Ofgem that came into place 1st April 2018 called DCP 161, if you exceed your capacity from the substation on a continuous basis, you will be billed at a higher rate than your current rate and this will be charged to you directly by your supplier. 

We liaise with the Distribution Network Operators(DNO’s) on your behalf to carry out these relevant checks. The checks are very important as your capacity setting could be higher than you need therefore spending substantially more money than required or could be too low so you would need more allocation to avoid the increased charges when the new regulation comes into force’.


Absolutely anything to trick and scare businesses into providing information, we have even received reports that clients are told they must comply or will be prosecuted.

If you have received a call or email such as this and are concerned, call Dawn on 0114 2295951.