LED Technology
Solar PV

We can help you to evaluate all the options:

  • Income Generation.
  • Reduced Bills.
  • Environmental Credentials.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Productivity.
  • Behavioural Change.

Utilinet can advise on many solutions and help you evaluate the process of saving energy, saving money, and reducing environmental impact long term.

If you have a specific technology in mind, or perhaps a particular outcome you wish to achieve, will take care to understand your business’s current situation, where you want to be and what constraints might exist in a timely and strictly confidential manner.

Energy Monitoring for your business

Utilising smart meters helps to change the way we manage our energy.

The brilliance of energy monitoring is the power it gives to manage your energy in a more efficient way.

Energy smart meters, combined with your own online web portal, helps you manage your energy to a great depth of detail.

Digital data collection and smart meters enable utility companies to provide more accurate billing, meaning your business no longer receive incorrect or estimated bills.


  • Online energy portal
  • Simple, easy to use energy management tool
  • Half hourly (day+1) energy usage across all of your utilities
  • Informative energy profiles and reports
  • Energy Dashboard to help energy user awareness

Benefitsmonitoring energy

  • Save up to 10% -15% off the energy bill
  • Provides accurate energy information – helping to verify energy bills
  • Monitor and target energy consumption to reduce your energy bill
  • Engage building users to promote behavioural change
  • Automate reporting to save administration time

Case study 

We recently reviewed the contract for a local golf club who has been a client for 5 years. The contract was 2 years old so the secretary had diligently budgeted 15% per annum for his gas price rise.  The final signed Basket contract was dated 1st Jan 2015 to October 2020. It was not only 27%, cheaper than their current contract, but was in fact cheaper than the contract they signed back in 2009.

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