10 Reasons to use a Business Energy Broker

By October 22, 2018Energy Consultant

More and more businesses are enlisting the services of a Business Energy Broker, but what do we offer that is so vital to UK businesses?

1.   The Market Place

Energy Brokers have a contemporary grasp of the commercial energy business by constantly monitoring gas and electricity market prices, helping clients make informed business energy buying decisions.

2.   Independence

We work independently of all the UK business energy suppliers, the client comes first, not the supplier.

3.   More Competitive

Brokers force competition in the market, suppliers will often better prices to brokers in comparison to those that are given directly, predominantly because they know they must compete for the contracts.

4.   Monitor

Ongoing support is given and monitoring means that clients are reminded of their contract renewal date, avoiding the dreaded ‘rollover’ into a new expensive contract.  Additionally, it gives clients time to take advantage of any new business.

5.   Experience

6.   Strong Supplier Relationships

Utilinet Energy Brokers have operated in the utilities industry for over 8 years and are experienced on the wide and varied needs of business owners, both large and small.

7.   Energy Dashboard

8.   Multi-site (Group) Purchasing and Management

We are able to set up and manage multi-site contracts.  This simplifies and reduces business energy costs if a company is made up of multiple properties.

9.   Maximise Profits

10. Not Just Gas and Electricity