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Utilinet Has The Power To Get the Best Energy Deals


Why We Are In Business?

We are a disruptive player in the Business Energy Market.  Utilinet and our partners can get the best energy deal in the market place.

Disruptive in that we believe in challenging the status quo of the comfortable major suppliers.  They often lack consideration of business’ hard earned money in favour of their own deep pockets.

How Do We Do Business?

Monitoring developing markets in Business Energy is hard work – we still do it and our customers gain in costs and contracts.

The true currency of our business are relationships, not sales.

What We Do

We do it all for you – Utilinet do not charge – the suppliers pay a small industry standard, commission.  After receiving a recent bill and a letter of authority,  you can relax and get on with your work.

Next, choose from the list of suppliers interested in you as a customer.  Accept or decline our best advice.  There will be no interruption of energy supply with help only a telephone call away.

Case study 

We recently reviewed the contract for a manufacturing company. The contract was 2 years old with a year to go on one contract and two on the other.  We were able to fix both contract prices until 2021, heading off today’s energy price increases.  The company will be paying over £1000 pa less than they were when they came to Utilinet in 2014.

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